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Jar Candles - I LOVE Kristin's Kandles and have been buying them for a few years.
My favorites are the Harvest and Christmas Spice!! They are all very fragrant and burn really well.
I'm always talking up Kristin's Kandles! After a long day it's one of the
first things I do is light my candles!! ~~Tammy C. in Missouri

Votives - These are greatÖI love all of the scents but especially look forward to the Candy Corn!
I have purchased so many of these in the past! They are fun and festive. All of the votives I have purchased
have a long lasting scent that makes people ask me where I got them from. You wonít be disappointed give them a try!!! ~~Christina G. in Missouri

Jars & Tealights - I have been ordering Kristinís Kandles for years now. I am a huge candle lover and have not
found a better candle than Kristinís!!! They melt down evenly, smell wonderful, and last a long time.
My favorite items are the jar candles and the tea lights. I have a favorite scent for each holiday and
I am sure to stock up on a regular basis! ~~Marissa W. in Missouri

Hanging Air Fresheners - I have purchased the rear view mirror scent disks and they aren't overpowering.
They last longer than Scentsy! The price is perfect and I love that I can customize the way
they look with whatever picture or logo I want. ~~Nicole F. in Missouri

Clam Shell Melts - Love, love, love the Clam Shell Melts. The fragrance lasts longer than any other I have used.
The Hazelnut Coffee is my favorite. Great customer service! Shipped fast. ~~Shari G. in Missouri

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