Redneck Scent Shots!
Redneck Scent Shots
"Scenting Yer Neck of the Woods!"

Free Local Pick up in Blue Springs & Springfield, MO areas!

These little cups pack a big punch of scent! Handpoured for you to scent yer neck of the woods!
2 oz. cup size. Filled with 1.75 oz. of scented wax.
Mix up yer own scents to create a perfect blend of what you like! Pop them out and get to melting quick and easy!

PRICE~ $1.85 each

Buy more and Save! ~ 3 Shots for $5.40 or 6 Shots for $10.00 ~ All Same Scent

Cast Iron Skillet Melter and Warmer Plate

These cute but very practical warmers are the most popular we carry!
They are low profile, quick to melt your wax and easy to clean!
Sold separately or as a Combo!

Skillet - $8.00 each ~ Warming Plate - $7.00 each ~ Skillet/Warming Plate Combo - $14.00

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