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Single Scent Tin Max Wax!

Super simple to use! Just place these tins right on your warming plate and
get ready for a load of scent in the air!
4 oz. Tins filled with 2.5 oz. scented wax.

Choose your super scented wax below.

Reuse your tin by simply emptying when wax no longer is fragrant and refill with
our melts or crumbles.

~For use with our warmer plates sold separately!~

Max Wax Tins ~ $5.00!

Electric Warmer Plate

Candle Warmer Plate ~ $10.00
Electric warming plate for use with the Max Wax Tins. Plug in and use rolling switch
to turn on. Set your Max Wax Tin directly on the warmer plate and remove lid.

Clam Shell Melts
Clamshell melt packs are great alone or combine different scents to create your own favorite aroma!
Stores in the clear plastic 'clamshell' container.
Perfect for gift giving and for treating yourself! Get several!
Each 'chunk' is approx. 1"x1"

These clam shell packaging will be discontinued when the current stock is gone so be sure and get your favorites!
See the number available in the scent choices drop down menu!
Melts will be offered in the Scent Shots going forward.
See the Scent Shots on the link to the left!

$5.00 Each "6 Chunk" Clamshell - Approx. 3 oz. Wax

"OR" Go For More! 5/$20.00 - Put your five scent choices in the Comments section of the Shopping Cart.

Bag O' Crumbles!
Scented chunk melts are very fragrant and come in a variety of scents.
These are great for adding exactly the right amount for your melter and
for mixing two or more together for your perfect blends!

$10.00 "8 oz." Clear Cello Bag

$19.00 "16 oz." White Bag w/Window

Electric Warmers

Candle Warmer & Dish ~ $20.00
Electric 2 in 1 Warming plate heats dish to quickly melt tarts, chunks, cubes or oils
to release fragrance.
Remove the dish to use the warming plate for small jar candles.
Words around the base of the warmer "Faith*Family*Friends"
20 Watts Each.

$20.00 Each
Nautical themed 25 Watt wax warmer with a white base and navy colored removable top cup.
6" tall by 5" wide. On/off switch is on the cord with warming bulb included.

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