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Kristin's Kandles "About Us"!

Kristin's Kandles was officially born in 1999 after several years of pouring,
testing and having friends and family begging for more!
As a stay at home mom of three I was always busy and loved crafting.
Loving candles and all smell good things, I was always giving different
candle brands a try. Never being satisified with the strength of the scent,
the way the candle burned and the high cost of those name brands, I decided
to research and make candles for myself!
Many hours of testing and it was time to ask friends and family to try them out for me.
Little did I know that would be the beginning of something life changing!
They loved them and started placing orders.
As the saying goes "and the rest is history".
This is my full time job. Everything is hand poured, tested and
retested before it ever hits the front lines to be sold.
We stand behind all of our products
and if there is ever a problem, we will fix it.
My name is on the product and that means "I" am the product.
You can always contact me to ask questions, voice concerns or request special orders.
We know you can spend your hard earned money with anyone, and we don't take it lightly that you chose us!

Kristin's Kandles ~~ "Your Hometown Candle Source".

Hand poured in Blue Springs, MO

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