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January 2024 My Candle Journey Story!

In January of 1999, I swallowed my nerves and took myself to the courthouse to officially name
and register my new budding candle business!
I had friends and family testing candles that I had been making and after a while,
they were wanting to place orders
and actually handing money over to me for something that I just thought would be a hobby for me.
What a trip! 25 years!
When I started candle making, wax tarts were not a thing at all and soy wax was just barely coming into the market.
The internet was dial up and there were no Facebook groups to join and learn,
let alone no Facebook at all!
There were online groups called Yahoo Messenger and that is where
I “met” and learned so very much; along with actually reading books on candle making.
I had 3 young children and was lucky to be a stay at home mom.
This hobby was filling in the gaps during the day and gave me an interest to enjoy.
I had an online friend create a website and then started attending craft shows.
Both were bringing in additional customers, but the craft shows were so much fun, though hard work.
There have been a lot of changes in the candle making world,
but the basics have never wavered.
People want a great smelling, good burning candle whether
it is paraffin wax or soy wax (most people don’t care)
I offer both and will continue to learn and try my best to create a great product for you!
If you ever have a question or concern about anything, please reach out to me.
If there is ever a problem with how a candle burns for you, I will make it right.
Always here.
Thank you for reading my short candle journey story and thank you for your support of my hard work! ~Kristin
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