Kristin's Kandles

~Pillar Candles~

Chunky, Smooth, and Rustic

3x4" - $8.00
3x6.5" - $12.00

~Pillar Trios~

Each Pillar candle is 3" wide and come in one each of
6.5", 5" and 3.5"!
These are beautiful when displayed
together on a pillar plate.
Add small rocks, sand or seashells to suit
your style!
Shown on a wooden pillar plate with small river stones.
(plate and stones are not included)

Smooth, Rustic or Chunky Pillars
in three heights of 6.5", 5" and 3.5" - $ 28.00

~Mini Bundt Cake~

$8.00 Each

This 5" mini bundt cake looks and smells good enough to eat!
Scented with the wonderful smell of Banana Nut Bread, Cinnamon Buns or Spiced Pumpkin
and topped with yummy "Buttercream icing" scent, it's a real treat!
Shown with an old fashioned tin plate to display your "cake".
$3.00 each. (Sold separately below.)

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