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4 oz. Tin Max Mixers!

Max Mixers are 4 oz. tins filled with 3.5 oz. of your very own creations!
Choose your super scented crumbles, then choose your
super scented overpour to create your own unique mixer!
Use your imagination for endless wonderful scents!

~~For use with our warmer plates sold separately!

Click on the "Melters" button to view the warming plates.~~

3.5 oz. Wax topped with sparkling glitter!

Max Mixers ~ $4.00!

Single Scent Tin Max Wax!

Max Wax are the same as the mixers but only have one scent and no crumbles!
Choose your super scented wax below.

4 oz. Tins filled with 3.5 oz. scented wax.

~~For use with our warmer plates sold separately!

Click on the "Melters" button to view the warming plates.~~

Max Wax Tins ~ $4.00!

Clam Shell Melts

Clamshell melt packs are great alone or combine different scents to create your own favorite aroma!
Stores in the clear plastic 'clamshell' container.
Perfect for gift giving and for treating yourself! Get several!
Each 'chunk' is approx. 1"x1"

$4.00 Each "6 Chunk" Clamshell - Approx. 3 oz. Wax

"OR" Go For Four! 4/$15.00 - Put your four scent choices in the Comments section of the Shopping Cart.

Custom Crumbles!

Now's your chance to get creative! Make your own custom blend by using the scent mixer below.
Select up to three scents of your choice to create your own custom scent!
Be sure that your two or three choices add up to 100%!
You will receive a bag of 8 oz. or 16 oz. crumbles in your blend! Have fun!

~~ $8.00 ~~ 8 oz. Bag of your Custom Blend!
~~ $15.00 ~~ 16 oz. Bag of your Custom Blend!

~~Pick two or three scents to equal 100%~~

Bag O' Crumbles!

Scented chunk melts are very fragrant and come in a variety of scents.
These are great for adding exactly the right amount for your melter and
for mixing two or more together for your perfect blends!

Try the Sampler option and receive 6 Bags of Crumbles; 4 oz. Each!

$8.00 for an 8 oz. Bag

$15.00 for a 16 oz. Bag

$20.00 for a Crumble Sampler ~ Choose any 6 scents. You will receive 4 oz. of each scent!
Pick your first scent from the list and add your five additional scents in the Comments section of the shopping cart! $20.00 for 24 oz. of Crumbles (Six - 4 oz. Bags of your choice)

Melt Plates & Bowls
For use with melts sold above.

Snowman Melters!

Get these super cute 25 Watt Snowman Melters for your holiday decorating!
The hat removes for easy melt changes!

$17.00 Each

Melt Plates & Bowls

Pictured here are the
Electric Warming Plate with Stainless Steel Melt Cup,
the 2 in 1 Warmer & Dish and the Cast Iron Skillet
Each Sold Separately

Warming Plates ~ $7.00 Each
These warming plates are great for small jar candles, our cast iron skillets
or stainless steel melt cups. They have an on/off switch indicating
when warming plate is on, with the control switch on the cord. 17 Watts Each.

Stainless Steel Cups ~ $3.00
These are the a great item to use with the growing popularity of the candle warmers.
They heat up quickly and you can pop them in the freezer
for a few minutes to release your used melts for a quick change over.
They are approx. 3 1/2" wide at the top and will accomodate 1-2 melts depending on the size of the melt.

Cast Iron Skillet ~ $7.00
These are the cutest melt holders that fit great on the candle plates.
Made of cast iron, these heat up nicely and will accomodate your
melts or chunks for a great scent throughout!
For use with the electric candle warmers.

Candle Warmer & Dish ~ $17.00
Electric 2 in 1 Warming plate heats dish to quickly melt tarts, chunks, cubes or oils
to release fragrance.
Remove the dish and you can use the warming plate for small jar candles.
Words around the base of the warmer "Faith*Family*Friends"
24 Watts Each.

$17.00 Each
NEW~ Nautical themed 25 Watt scent melter with a white base and navy colored removable top cup.
6" tall by 5" wide. On/off switch is on the cord with warming bulb included.

$17.00 Each
NEW~ Twilight navy blue 25 Watt scent melter with a dark blue base and white sparkle designs with removable top cup.
5" tall by 5" wide. On/off switch is on the cord with warming bulb included.

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